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Our Services

Connecting with my customers is especially important to me. Since art is so subjective, faux finishes are difficult to describe, and there are at least a million names for the color tan, something has to be done. Visuals aids become our new language...that is: color decks, sample boards, reference books, magazine pictures, and of course the internet--etc.! Somehow we work it out , or we try, try again.

Services offered are:

-mural design and painting--usually acrylic, on wall surface or canvas, all shapes and sizes

-faux finishes--faux wood, marble, stone, textured plaster, color wash, color blend, glazes in all textures, stripes, metallics, opalescents,etc.

-trompe l'oeil--on all surfaces in oil and acrylic

-furniture--take your old furniture and make it new, or new furniture and make it old. All styles.

-canvas art

-sculpted foam--free standing or worked in to a mural.

-tiles--murals or decorative design painted on ceramic tiles with glaze and fired (before installation)